This 10-week program is designed to help you figure out what to do now that school is over. At YCU you will work with skilled career coaches and others who care about your future. You will meet peers who, just like you, are facing challenges in getting started.

School is over. You know you want to work, so what’s next?

Is YCU for you?

Are you a young adult who

  • is between the ages of 18 – 26? *
  • is willing and motivated to develop a personalized career plan to help pursue your professional goals?
  • can learn and work independently for a sustained period of time?
  • can tolerate a high-energy and competitive environment?
  • lives in a stable home environment and has transportation to attend the YCU Program?
  • feels confident in your ability to fully and successfully participate in activities of professional discovery and development?

*If you are over 26, consideration may also be given to how your background and experiences would contribute to and benefit from the YCU Program, especially if you have recently completed a post-secondary experience.    

If you said YES to the above criteria, you are eligible to apply to YCU.

Start your career by applying to YCU!

Get started today by downloading and completing the YCU application. All applications are accepted in person. Contact our Resource Specialists at 770.670.6958 to schedule your interview.

If you are interested in a YCU Scholarship, find out more here. Scholarships are provided by private funding.