Jamie has always had a passion for photography but had no idea she could turn her passion into a career, or where to even start to find an ordinary job. At YCU Your Career Unleashed Jamie became part of a team, developed her confidence and professionalism, and practiced her commercial photography skills at Mister Migs, LLC, an enterprise with a complete design & production studio and a brick and mortar boutique. Now she’s landed an opportunity to unleash the career of her dreams as a photographer, thanks to the help of YCU Your Career Unleashed!

“What impresses me most is that you offer a hand up, not a hand out.  Provide people with the ability to become more productive in their lives, and have the self -esteem that comes from achievements to the best of their ability.  Giving them guidance and hands on experience to help them navigate the complex world of work and employment.”  

- Jamie's Dad


Despite an impressive college education including Dean’s list honors, Austin could only find temporary warehouse work for a few months after graduation, and nothing related to his major in Justice Studies. At YCU Your Career Unleashed, Austin explored the world of work with his team and career coach, connected to mentors--a State Ranger and Corporal, a Safety expert, and a mentor from the Fire and Rescue Department, and found his career path.  Austin is now working with the Transportation and Safety Coordinator at WOW In-Sync, developing experience for his dream career of becoming a Ranger for the Georgia State Parks. 

“I can't express to you enough  how much you ALL have been appreciated this past year. Austin is like a different person. He wakes up with a smile on his face and comes home the same way!”

 - Austin's Mom