Before you apply:

Get ready! We advise reading the following steps and requirements before you start your application so you can be fully prepared. Here are the steps to apply:

Gather This Information:

  1. Contact information: The name, email address and phone number of your high school guidance counselor and principal OR your college academic advisor and Dean.
  2. A list of school and community organizations with which you have served or participated.
  3. A “letter of need” stating why you need a scholarship and how YCU will help you.
  4. A letter of reference from a school and/or community member (non-family).
  5. Any other relevant documents to support your scholarship request.

Apply for a YCU Scholarship

  1. Complete your YCU Scholarship Application
  2. Attach your letter of need, letter of reference, and any other relevant documents to support your request.
  3. You may either mail to or hand deliver all forms and letters in an envelope to:          
    Mister Migs YCU Headquarters
    2137 Flintstone Drive, Suite E
    Tucker, GA   30084

Mary Justman, Executive Director YCU
770.939.1100 Ext. 102
Fax: 770.939.1714